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The proximal portion of a structure; that part nearest the point of attachment.
base exchange capacity
A measure of the absorptive capacity of a soil for materials with exchangeable cations, a nonacid reaction. A soil with a high base exchange capacity will retain more plant nutrients and is less apt to leach than one with a low exchange capacity.
base flow
Springs; stream flow coming from subterranean sources in contrast to surface runoff.
base level
The lowest level to which a land surface can drop by action of water; the permanent base level is sea level.
base saturation
The proportion of the base exchange capacity that is saturated with metallic cations.
broad base terrace
An embankment built to carry runoff water along a contour, usually with a rounded crown 15 to 30 feet (5 to 10 meters) wide, with gently sloping sides and a dished channel along the top.
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